Friday, March 2, 2012

Super easy bulletin board tutorial

So I wanted to make a bulletin board that wasn't heavy because one: we are living in a rental and will eventually have to patch any holes we put in the walls and two: I am only using it for a couple of photos and pieces of paper. So I came up with the following idea. (You could always replace the heavy duty cardboard with plywood and the hot glue with staples and put hanging hardware on the back.) I hope you like it. If you make one I would love to see your pictures and hear your comments about the tutorial.

Materials Needed:

1 - Heavy duty piece of cardboard (I raided the hubby's garage)
1 - Piece of scrap fabric at least 2 inches wider than your cardboard on all sides
2 - Pieces of scrap batting (I used some leftover polyester/cotton blend batting because I like the puff)
1 - Hot glue gun and multiple glue sticks (I used 5-6 of the mini's)
1 - Roll of ribbon of choice (I used 1/2" cream grosgrain)
1 - Pair of good fabric scissors
1 - pair of regular scissors (for cutting cardboard)
8 - safety pins
 Optional Materials:
5 - coordinating buttons
1 - needle and coordinating roll of thread
1 - thimble (or something to help you push the needle through the cardboard)

 First, cut the cardboard to the desired size with your regular scissors. I made mine 32"x22"

 Then place your two layers of batting on top of that.

 On top of that goes your pretty fabric. If you are using a fabric with a structured pattern make sure you watch the lines carefully so it doesn't come out crooked. If you are using a random pattern then you don't need to worry about this step. :)

 Once you have your layers in the proper order very carefully flip the whole thing over. Or you can just layer backwards...fabric, batting then cardboard.

Now I didn't cut my batting to size before hand so I trimmed it around my piece of cardboard. If you do it this way be very careful not to cut your fabric.

Now you can start using your hot glue gun. I started on the long sides to ensure the pattern was straight and then did the corners followed by the short sides.

 This is what it will look like when you turn it over...

Now you need to take your ribbon and layout the strips how you want. This is where you can get creative and add as many or as few as you want. I did 6 strips spaced pretty big because I am only going to have paper and photos on mine. Which is the reason why I used cardboard.

Once you layout your ribbons and are happy with the positioning you will need to take the safety pins and place them in each corner and at each cross point along the edges.

Here is another view of the pinning. This will help hold the ribbons in place when you are gluing the ribbons down in the next step. Once you pin them all simply flip the board over and use the hot glue on each ribbon on the backside ensuring you pull each ribbon tight. Make sure you glue it to the cardboard and not just the fabric because it will hold better.

 This is what it will look like when you are finished with those steps. Once the glue dries you can remove all the safety pins.

Now, I suggest adding buttons at each cross point to make the ribbons tighter but, it is optional. A very simple process to add the buttons. Just as if you were sewing buttons on to a shirt. The only difference is you want to have a thimble to help push the needle through the cardboard so you don't hurt your fingers.

The final step is adding ribbon to hang the board. Now like I said earlier I am using this board strictly for a couple of photos and a piece of paper or two so it will not be supporting any weight hardly. Therefore I do not need heavy duty hardware to hang it. I simply cut two ribbons and placed them evenly on the back of the board with lots of hot glue.

Here is what the back looks like....not the prettiest but who is going to see the back anyway? (Sorry about the glare)

And there you have it! :)  An adorable and super quick bulletin board. I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and please feel free to share, pin or comment.

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